Quad UI is Now in Public Beta

Last week I released version 1.2 of Quad UI, a Unity game engine extension which allows for the rapid development of 3D quad-based user interfaces.

It was a relatively quiet release, thankfully. The reason I am thankful is mainly due to the fact that Unity 3.2 shipped that day as well, an update that broke 2 of the core features of the extension. Working fast, though, I was able to fix the problems created by Unity 3.2 and later that night version 1.2.1, a hotfix for 3.2 was released.

So where do I go from here?

The release was much more stable than I initially thought it would be (Unity 3.2 aside), as I have continued to develop content with it internally, I have not found myself making changes to the API or the Editor. Aside from a few known, non-fatal issues, I believe the product is close to an Asset Store submission. I would like to add a few more features before I get there, though.

The road map includes adding 2 new modes to the Editor, as well as some feature upgrades and additions to the API. You can expect v1.3 to ship in the very near future.

Thanks again the community again for the support.



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