Road Map: QuadUI 1.3

As you are likely aware, the talented folks over at Unity Technologies have announced a tentative release for Unity 3.5 and a rebuilt UI framework. I for one eagerly await the day in which my own solution for more efficient UI can be put to rest. But until that day comes, I’m going to keep developing QuadUI.

As for some features:

  • Complex UI Components
    • Selection Grid
    • Slider
    • Clock
    • Counter
    • Toolbar
    • Resizable Bar (Health bar, progress, etc.)
    • Radio Buttons
  • Additional Primitive UI Components
    • Dynamic Text Button
    • Multi-State Sprite
    • Repeater Button
  • Depth-Masked Scroll View Solution
  • Multi-touch Support
  • Improved Editor
  • Ability to generate UI components based on your own classes
  • Several bug fixes

There is probably more, but I’d rather spend time working on QuadUI rather than talking about it.


Stay tuned.


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