• 1.2.9 is out

    Yup. QuadUI 1.2.9b is out. It implements a screen re-size messaging system to allow for easily constructed fluid UIs.   Enjoy.   ==

  • QuadUI 1.2.9b Rolling Out Soon

    I’ll be rolling out 1.2.9b within the next couple days. The main feature will be a finished, integrated resolution messaging system; you will be able to reposition you UI elements with ease!   Stay tuned!   ==

  • Quad UI 1.2.8b released

    This has been a long time in the making, mainly due to just a complete lack of time. I’m very close to version 1.3, and a full release, now as well as an Asset Store submission. If you read the Change Logs you can see many of the roadmap features are already implemented in this release. …

  • Road Map: QuadUI 1.3

    As you are likely aware, the talented folks over at Unity Technologies have announced a tentative release for Unity 3.5 and a rebuilt UI framework. I for one eagerly await the day in which my own solution for more efficient UI can be put to rest. But until that day comes, I’m going to keep …